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Welcome and thank you for considering Special Touch Learning Academy #2, a home childcare and home-school program meeting your child's comprehensive learning and development needs.


Marena Simmons Jones had a a dream in 1993 of having a Day Care called Special Touch, not a baby-sitting program, but an education program designed to make a difference in the child's life and eventually expand into a school. As her idea became a reality, she shared her vision with her sister Nina Simmons and together they created and founded Special Touch Learning Academy #1.  As enrollment increased causing a continuos waiting list Marena decided to open Special Touch Academy #2.


We define "Special Touch" as caring, giving loving, and building confidence in young children. When a child becomes involved in any one of our facilities, they will always remain an extension of our family. It is our job at Special Touch to build confidence and teach each children that they can do anything if they try.


We constantly tell our children what a wonderful job they have done and how great they are. This builds confidence in such a dynamic way. Remember, each child has thier own personality and anything positive a young child does is great. "Give children your best; they will give you their best."

Our Philosophy

The Care Providers and Teachers at Special Touch Academy are aware that the purpose of early childhood education is to foster competence in young children.We believe providing a safe,rich,and valuable environment that meet the needs of the child during thier day can enhance thier emotional,social,cognitive,and creative self. We also believe  an early start is important and children are more likely to success and education will become second nature.


Dr. Marena M. Simmons Jones

Founder & Director

 Simmons has earned as Associate in Science of Criminal Justice- Law Enforcement and Corrections, Certificate in Early Childhood Development, Bachelors of Business Administration in Management, Masters of Education in Leadership Organizations  Doctorate of Religious Studies.

Our Mission

Our mission and purpose is dedicated to each child, to develop winners by buidling a spiritual conscience, integrity, good self-esteem, and confidene. Teaching our children to believe in themselves and that they can do anything if they try. Our mission is also to develop high achievers, giving them a good foundation that will help them make great decision for and in their future. 

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