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Our  goal at Special Touch Learning Academy Child Care and Home Schools is to provide exceptional care and academics for each family we serve. Secondly we strive to keep open and clear communication with our parents while educating and consulting  on strategies to improve their childs Special Touch experience or their individual welfare.


Although children learn first from their parents or gaurdians child care providers and teachers spend several hours in a child's life modeling and impacting learning experiences and adventures. These adventures here at Special Touch are our first prority.


Every Parent wants to attend thier work day comfortable while knowing their child attends a safe, educational and nurturing environment filled with love and care.


Ask About Our Parenting Classes offered through 

Special Touch Education and Consulting:

How to set the educational  tone at home.

How to be a part of your childs learning

How to work on self as a parent

How to help your child become their best












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